Be Tulum’s Yäan Wellness Spa is a healing sanctuary offering pre-hispanic indigenous treatments, energy healing modalities, herbal bath rituals, body treatments, cleanses and detox programs, as well as many more relaxing and enlivening spa rituals designed to cleanse body and spirit.

The spa’s rooftop garden grows sacred herbs and medicinal plants used in traditional energy and body treatments, and complimentary tea elixirs.

Yäan’s healing water therapies of sauna, steam and pools are included in your service that you can enjoy before or after your treatment and will help you receive the benefits of every therapy.

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+52 1 (984) 179 1530  

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Yoga classes are held at Yaan´s tree top studio overlooking the jungle Canopy everyday at 10 am and 5pm.
75 min / $20 usd

For more information please call front desk.

Temazcal Ceremonies.

Temazcal Ceremonies.

Purify and cleanse body and spirit at Yäan’s traditional temazcal. Traditional pre-hispanic mexican sweat lodge ceremonies lead by Yäan Wellness mayan healer will take you into a healing and purifying journey and connect you to the womb of mother earth.

Open moon ceremonies are held every full moon and new moon:
2.5 hours / $75 usd

Arrange your private ceremony with your own group:
2.5 hours / $ 500 usd

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Yoga & Meditation.

Daily yoga varying styles of hatha flow and vinyasa flow are held at Yäan’s tree top yoga studio overlooking the jungle canopy. Join us every day at 10 am and 5 pm for a 75 min class designed to suit all levels.

Meditation classes are held every Thursday and Saturday at 9:15 am at our tree top yoga studio. Learn a mindful and relaxing personal practice and skills rooted in ancient traditions that will lead you to true inner peace and wellness.

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